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Vassiliki is a Greek painter on fine porcelain and, as such, an expert of the best traditions in this art. Her main residence is in Rome, Italy. She is married to a retired Canadian diplomat with whom she has had 3 children, now all grown-up. Fine porcelain, for her, has been a passion since she was a child and, for this reason, after her marriage, she took advantage of her husband's career in various countries abroad for many years, to get in touch with the best expert painters on porcelain in the world and learn from them.

Her production is exclusively classical in style, even when it includes some modern design, and characterized by a lot of miniature work of precision, entirely done by hand, including many incisions on areas of applied gold. Most of her pieces include a great quantity of work, and consequently she produces mainly for building her own private collection as opposed to for any kind of commercial activity.

A lot of her design work is inspired by the philosophy and history of Ancient-Greece. For her, these subjects have been intensive areas of study for years, along with the history of fine arts, in particular since the family established permanently in Italy a couple of decades ago.   

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